Our Story

   The story of our belts began over 50 years ago when a teenage Stan and a friend were on an excursion to New York’s Greenwich Village. At the time there were over 15 leather shops on Bleecker Street in the heart of the Village selling leather vests, hats, sandals, jackets and of course belts. At one shop Stan spotted a belt with a gracefully curved brass buckle. He bought it and it became his favorite belt. He wore it for over 25 years and after tiring of it he gave it to his sister. Another 25 years or so passed and when asking his sister about the belt she said that she tossed it out. Undeterred, Stan fruitlessly searched the internet for a couple of years hoping to find that same buckle. Then on another trip to Bleecker St. he stopped at the last leather shop still in business on that street. And there on the wall behind the counter among the store owner's private buckle collection was that same beautifully curved brass buckle, as if it were waiting for him all these years. He bought it of course along with a leather strap with the usual holes in the strap. Making use of the engineering and construction talents he had acquired in the intervening years he set himself the task of figuring out how to improve on the buckle and make it work with a strap with no holes. And that takes the story to a U.S. patent and now to you. 

   At least, that's Stan's hope.